An Important Message from Ramona

Good day Authentic Life Journey Community,

I hope this message finds you and your family well. We are doing well, and have been mindfully moving through these uncertain times. It has been eight weeks since we made the decision to close our doors to honor the Covid-19 pandemic and do what was in the best interest of our community and families. We have been thinking of our community every day, and how we will be of service. We are grateful we found ways to continue to hold space with you. Our online virtual sessions have been a wonderful opportunity to connect to our practices and one another, and has been a great joy for our teachers, practitioners and students alike. As we are continuing to observe the current state of our community, and purposefully honoring the needs of our families, it has come time to begin to find the next steps for Authentic Life Journey.

Two years ago I found our studio home in Oakland. This space was a blessing and an opportunity to expand the ALJ practices and truly root into my divine path, purpose and future as a practitioner, teacher and member of a community of like minded friends. It has been a second home for many, a place where safety, nurturing, and an opportunity to access self-exploration and healing was able to be found. It has been the manifestation of a vision I had 4 years ago: a place for us to hold sacred space for all that found their way to our door. A safe container center in love and honoring each person, letting them know they were seen, heard, and honored exactly as they were – their true authentic self. I was so excited for this year and all this space would hold for this community that has come together in love, light, and peace.

These last eight weeks have been deeply exploratory, transformative, and enlightening. I have been very grateful for the tools of yoga, meditation, and Reiki, as well as my deeply supportive community that has been continuing to connect and hold space with me as we all navigate these uncharted waters. I have experienced waves of emotions and thoughts about how to continue what I have manifested over the entirety of my 17 years in this profession, of being of support to others through massage, yoga, reiki, and coaching. After many weeks navigating muddy waters, suddenly the mud settled to the bottom and the water has become clear and I have come to the conclusion that a change is what must come next for my vision.

With a heavy heart, I have decided that we will close our physical location in Oakland effective immediately and begin to transition to another way of being of service and holding sacred space with our community. Our teachers and presenters are all continuing to work together to find the new way that may not be fully evolved just yet but we are hopefully looking forward to creative and inventive opportunities to connect as we continue to share in this authentic life journey with you.

Our intention is to continue to share in the Karma Yoga virtual offerings for the period of time we are transitioning ALJ and finding our way to the new. Once we have transitioned, we will continue to communicate how you can connect to our offerings, which we intend will include virtual and in-person opportunities to join us. It has always been, and will continue to be, my greatest joy to be of service to you at any point I have been given the opportunity to join you on your authentic life journey. This is not the end; it is an opportunity that we are accepting and I trust in the process that is my authentic life journey.

Until we meet again, thank you for sharing your light with us.

Live Authentically,