When you choose to experience yoga and healing courses with Authentic Life Journey you are exploring and connecting to all of yourself!

​Your experience with our teachers will encourage you to make a connection with your mind, body, energy body, spirit and beyond! We will explore these connections through physical practices in yoga asana, but this is only the surface of what your experience will include. You will develop, through meditation practices, connection to your energy body and how it impacts our physical bodies, practices in mindfulness and unconditional love, learning to let go of that which no longer serves you. Coaching through these elements will bring your awareness level up to a point of helping connect yourself mind, body and spirit. This whole-being approach to yoga will then help you to carry the practices off the mat and into your life! The tools you gain and techniques you learn will ultimately encourage you to find balance, peace, joy, serenity in whatever your hearts’ desire may be.


Specialty Programs, Workshops, and Trainings

Are you seeking a desire to dive deeper into your spiritual path? Seeking an expansive, transformative experience opening your heart to hear your authentic heart song? Do you wish to find healing for yourself and the world?

Authentic Life Journey offers various workshops to support your journey to your heart song and beyond. Workshops vary from experiential single sessions to immersive series and more to open yourself to your intuitive knowing and gifts. Choosing to join a workshop with our team of heart-centered guides, coaches, and teachers offers you the opportunity to develop your awareness of your most authentic life.

If you feel called to be of service to others, Authentic Life Journey offers training beyond your own personal growth to move forward as a light for others. The journey begins with you and as you find your authentic voice and path, our trainings will invite the knowledge and practices to support you in offering services to others.

The three paths of practitioner trainings include:

  • Reiki and Energywork
  • Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers
  • Spiritual Development and Coaching

Workshop and trainings are offered at various times in person and online throughout the year.

Yin/Yang Yoga

Join us for a gentle yoga with just enough Yang to help you harmonize the energy between Yin and Yang. Allow yourself to take time and pause and reset before moving back into the busyness of life. Your weekly date on the mat will help you tap into the well of knowledge that rests within, to actively move you through the week and beyond. Sessions are held online on Thursdays.

Self Care Investment
Single Session: $7
10 Session Class Pass: $50

Workshops and Trainings

We offer a variety of inspired and intuitive workshops and trainings monthly.

Check out our schedule for more details.

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Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness Coaching

Learn to tap into your divine intentions and speak your truth

Energy Work

Energy Work

Understand how energetic body work can uncover your authentic voice