Attending an Authentic Life Journey Retreat is an opportunity for you to get away from the “have to’s” and “need to’s” of life. When you choose to come to an Authentic Life Journey Retreat you are giving yourself an opportunity to get back in touch with the WANT TO’S in life!

One day many years ago, when you were free of responsibilities, you were a dreamer. You had grand ideas about what you wanted to be and do and saw the sky was the limit. Then one day something changed; those ideas seemed to be too far away. Although they are and have always been within your reach, the difference is you forgot how powerful and magical you are. You can create a life that inspires you and the people around you. Authentic Life Journey Retreats help you find your way inside and draw up that beautiful dreamer once again.

We have many options of lengths and locations of retreats. You may find one of our retreats in your hometown or in another country. We offer retreats nationally and internationally in the hopes that everyone can find a way to access an opportunity to grow no matter where you are in life. Every retreat is different and has a focal point that will ultimately help you regain a bond with your higher self and remember who you are! Online and destination retreats available, check out our available retreats. We encourage you to come and out dream your dreams with us!

​The journey within is the greatest of all, and the only one to take you to your Authentic Life!

Upcoming Retreats

4 Night Retreat to Sedona

Sacred Earth Journey: Reconnect & Revitalize

November 7-11, 2024

Sedona, AZ 

Are you looking to reconnect with nature and find inspiration?

Our women’s retreat, “Sacred Earth Journey: Reconnect & Revitalize,” invites you to discover the transformative power of Sedona’s natural beauty. The retreat offers a balance of guided activities and free-time exploration designed to help you unwind, rejuvenate, and rediscover your true self. 

Join a community of women at the weekend retreat to explore, find inspiration, and connect. With experienced guide Ramona Crabtree-Falkner, you’ll embark on a journey of inner exploration and outer adventure in Sedona.

Throughout the retreat, you’ll be able to experience Sedona’s natural wonders on hikes through majestic red rock formations, engage in revitalizing yoga sessions, and immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of sound during immersive sound healing sessions. These group energy healing sessions offer time to experience holistic practices for mind, body, and spirit wellness. 

At the heart of our retreat is the opportunity to cultivate deep connections with yourself and your fellow participants. We’ll unite in sacred circles to share stories, insights, and intentions, creating a supportive growth, healing, and transformation space.

Whether you seek inner peace, renewed vitality, or a deeper connection with your inner wisdom, our “Sacred Earth Journey: Reconnect & Revitalize” retreat offers a harmonious blend of guided offerings and self explorations. Step into the magic of Sedona and rediscover the sacredness of your journey. 

Reserve your place today and join our community on a transformational adventure of self-discovery and renewal.

What to expect: 

  • Open Ceremony 
  • Welcome Wine and Bites 
  • Heart-Light Yoga Sessions 
  • Guided Vortex Tour
  • Sound Healing 
  • Healing Meditation Journey’s
  • Reiki Healing Circle 
  • Sacred Circle Sharing & Journaling
  • Closing Ceremony 
  • Goodie bag 

Our retreat will close on Sunday afternoon with a Final Circle ceremony. Everyone should plan to fly home late Sunday, 11/10, or  Monday 11 /11, so you can enjoy the full immersion of the retreat. 

Example Schedule

The following is a general schedule. The final schedule of events will be announced at the pre-retreat Zoom call within the weeks before arrival to the retreat.

Please be advised that the guided vortex excursion will be scheduled during your free time on one of our Full days as is available.


  • Check-In 12-5 PM
  • Opening Ceremony and Welcome Wine and Bites 6-9 PM


  • 9 AM -12 PM Continental Breakfast / Yoga / Meditation / Sacred Circle
  • 12-7:30 PM Free Time / Lunch On Your Own / Excursions
  • 7:30-9 PM Healing Meditations / Sound Healing / Sacred Circle / Reiki Circle 
  • Sunday Closing Ceremony at 3 PM


  • Breakfast / Check Out 7 AM – 10 AM 

What’s included in your Retreat: 

4 Night Stay at our Retreat Home 

Fri – Mon: Continental Breakfast

Snacks: Trail Mix & Fruit

Tea & Coffee

3 Morning Yoga Practices 

3 Group Healing Meditations: Past Life Regression Meditation, Yoga Nidra & Chakra Healing Meditation 

1- Sound Healing Meditations: Sacred Sound Journey 

1- Reiki Circle 

Sacred Circles

A guided Vortex Tour is included in your retreat price, and I will book us as a group once our full retreat community is booked. This excursion will occur on one of the full days during our FREE TIME. 

Daily Free Time for exploration of the town, receiving readings or treatments, and hiking (I will take hikes and invite anyone to join me, but this will be considered “Free Time” and not included as part of the retreat program) 

What’s not included:

Travel by air or car

Travel insurance (strongly suggested) 

Lunch and Dinner 

Self Care Investment

We have options!

Private room / Shared room (will be a trundle bed or bunk bed.)

 **If you wish to travel with a companion and share a bed, you can book the companion participant option; contact me for details and registration options.**

See pricing and registration details below.      

Single Room Register Online (one private room is the pass-through to the shared room)

Paid in full: $1,777.00 ($500 no-refundable, remaining transferable to another retreat or private services with ALJ) 

Payment Plan: $1,877.00 ($500 no-refundable, remaining transferable to another retreat or private services with ALJ) 

Shared Room:

Paid In Full: $1,555.00 ($500 no-refundable, remaining transferable to another retreat or private services with ALJ) 

Payment Plan: $1655.00 ($500 no-refundable, remaining transferable to another retreat or private services with ALJ) 

All bathrooms are shared, including the Master Bathroom 



  • Welcome Wine and Bites” for our opening night
  • Morning continental breakfast
  • Trail mix for snacks and fruit 
  • Water, coffee, and tea. 

Not Provided: 

Lunch and Dinner will be purchased independently. 

There is a large kitchen for us, and a Whole Foods is nearby to pick up your essentials. 

We will have a dinner time (established daily) so we may dine together in the evening if desired or on your own based on your free time activities. (Sedona closes at 9 pm for nearly all businesses; therefore, dinner times will be planned for around 6 PM so we may come back together in time for our evening event)

If you plan to join any of my hikes, pick up snacks or desired items for your lunches. 


Flights, car rental, and travel insurance are not included. 

We will connect participants to rideshare as parking is limited at the retreat location. (please communicate with me before booking flights so I can see if there is someone to connect with for rideshare)  

Find flights into Phoenix, AZ, and then you will drive 60 minutes to our retreat location.  

Pre-Retreat Meeting:

I will offer a Zoom call in the weeks leading up to our retreat for a brief meet and greet and discussion in preparation for our retreat. Time TBD

Meet Your Retreat Facilitator 

Ramona Crabtree-Falkner, Holistic Wellness Facilitator, E-RYT 500, Reiki Master, Mindfulness Coach

Ramona has supported and guided sessions for over two decades in Central Florida. Her journey began as she explored ways to help her own life get in balance and become her authentic self. She began in traditional massage therapy and has expanded to energy work, yoga, coaching, retreats, and more. Through experiencing her own healing journey, she felt driven to honor her call to support others. She finds ways to support others by shining a light in the darkness. Ramona invites you to discover, pick up your light, and step onto your authentic life journey path through these programs and classes.

As an empath and intuitive being, she offers opportunities for her community to honor your truth and connect to your intuitive divine knowing. Through connecting to the heart and learning to act on what the heart guides you to, you can find more ease and understanding of a world that can seem overwhelming. Ramona’s services to the community of light workers and like-minded journeyers involve understanding intuition, empathic impacts, and creating practices to honor empathic abilities.

Ramona offers virtual and live sessions for Reiki, Yoga, Sound Healing, Meditation, Spiritual Guidance Coaching, and Retreats.

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