Attending an Authentic Life Journey Retreat is an opportunity for you to get away from the “have to’s” and “need to’s” of life. When you choose to come to an Authentic Life Journey Retreat you are giving yourself an opportunity to get back in touch with the WANT TO’S in life!

One day many years ago, when you were free of responsibilities, you were a dreamer. You had grand ideas about what you wanted to be and do and saw the sky was the limit. Then one day something changed and those ideas seemed a far reach. When in truth they are and have always been within your reach, the difference is you forgot how powerful and magical you are. You can create a life that inspires you and the people around you. Authentic Life Journey Retreat helps you find your way inside and draw up that beautiful dreamer once again.

We have many options of lengths and locations of retreats; you may find one of our retreats in your hometown or in another country. We offer retreats nationally and internationally in the hopes that everyone can find a way to access an opportunity to grow no matter where you are in life. Every retreat is different and has a focal point that will ultimately help you regain a bond with your high self and remember who you are! We encourage you to come and Out Dream Your Dreams with us!

​The Journey within is the greatest of all, and the only one to take you to your Authentic Life!

Upcoming Retreats

Called to work with animals and nature as part of your Spiritual journey? This four-day Women’s Retreat at the EquiSol Healing Center in Comfort, TX is designed especially for you!

First four women who pay the $800 registration in full by July 20 get FREE lodging in the Rustic Raven located at the EquiSol Healing ranch.

During the weekend, Sylvia Sitters, Shamanic Practitioner and owner of EquiSol Healing, will teach you how to apply shamanic philosophies and tools including the medicine wheel, in all aspects of your life. These tools can be used for business and personal work. All work will take place with the EquiSol Healing Herd.

Sylvia is joined by Ramona Crabtree-Falkner, ALJ Mindfulness Coach, RYT & Reiki Master from Florida. Ramona specializes in the Chakra system and will offer guided yoga and chakra work with the Herd throughout the weekend. Her practical approach offers clients ways to live mindfully each day even through the chaotic times.

This weekend is designed for you to surface your authentic magic and remember your Soul’s purpose through collaboration and explorations with a tribe of magical women. You will remember your Authentic Voice; use your intuition to begin manifesting the life of your desires; shed illusions holding you from creating your Soul’s desire; and start taking action to fulfill your Soul’s purpose during this Earthly journey.

The weekend includes:
• Burning ceremony
• Intention Setting
• Intuitive coaching support with Sylvia, Ramona and The Herd
• Drumming Circle
• How to’s on Creating Sacred Space
• Tools to Live Mindfully each day
• Creating a Vision Board using the Medicine Wheel
• Restorative Exercise
• Chakra Balancing
• Crystal Medicine
• Yoga

The Retreat includes all meals throughout your weekend, please advise us of any special dietary requirement.

In addition to your retreat group and private experiences you will have time for integration and rest, community meals and building of bonds with your sister tribe members on the healing grounds of the EquiSol Healing Retreat Center.

After July 20, registration fees increase to:

$850 CASH paid in Full by September 1 or $850 with Credit Card.

Register at:

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Upcoming Retreat

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Called to work with animals and nature as part of your Spiritual journey? This four-day Women's Retreat at the EquiSol Healing Center in Comfort, TX is designed especially for you!