Authentic Life Journey Mindfulness Coaching

Authentic Life Journey Mindfulness Coaching​

The Authentic Life Journey Mindfulness Coaching is a six-month immersive experience.

Through guided meditations, experiential and mindfulness activities, journaling, and the assistance of your Authentic Life Journey Coach, this coaching program begins your journey in cultivating awareness and self-love. Peel away the layers of the ego to hear your higher self speaking. Learn to make yourself a priority in your own life.

 The journey of self-discovery will begin with our hybrid independent learning and one-on-one coaching foundation program, inviting you to explore and find your authentic voice and the path to personal empowerment while honing in on your divine destiny, enabling you to live your happiest, most authentic life. Next, we work together to support you in integrating living the tools of the Authentic Life Journey Mindfulness Coaching. This six-month program will offer a transformative experience and support in creating your Authentic Life. 

Authentic Life Journey Mindfulness Coaching provides a holistic toolbox to assist you on your self-awareness and personal growth journey.

  • Learn to tap into your divine intentions and speak your truth.
  • Let go of disempowering thoughts and replace them by “flipping the script.”
  • Tune into your vibration and how people and situations affect you.
  • Learn to balance your chakras (energy centers) and honor boundaries with your energy.
  • Discover how to find, create and invite positive energy.
  • Find simple ways to make space for meditation and mindfulness practices.
  • Release attachments by practicing forgiveness and gratitude techniques.
  • And more!

The six-month program includes access to our online learning program, which you will work through with your coach through the private coach sessions. You will meet with your coach twice a month and have access to communicating with your coach through a texting app set up with your coach at your first session. Once you have completed the foundation program, you will continue to work with your coach monthly, integrating and living the tools you have learned and actively creating your Authentic Life Journey! 

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