Throughout my career I have experienced many levels of growth, healing and cultivating an open heart. For many years I traveled this journey thinking I had an open heart. I have learned over the years of diving inward that what I had was a protected heart. Finding this out for myself was a blessing because I could begin to explore and truly open my heart.

As I began to see areas of my life where pain was residing I could honor the pain, and offer it an opportunity to be really heard. Instead of reacting and feeling like a victim, I could begin to observe what was mine in the pain. I was then able to offer forgiveness to myself and anyone I may have felt harmed by. I was able to begin to love myself in the ways I was yearning to have others love me. What I found was that the love I received from others was more pure and true because I realized my love for myself was the key. 

This opened up my life to more joy and true companionship. I didn’t have to earn the love of a friend or loved one, instead I was just my authentic self and knew I had all I needed to be whole within me. This opened my heart to compassion for myself and others more deeply. I could trust in my decisions and the relationships I was in, for I could love with an open heart. 

The beginning of my journey to living with an open heart began at a yoga workshop, I was introduced to a deeply healing meditation. The meditation invited me to offer forgiveness to other I felt harmed by, to ask for forgiveness to those I may have harmed and a prayer to the divine to ask for help and healing for myself and all the world. I remember this day as if it were today because my heart cracked open in that moment. I felt this immense awareness that I was love and that I wanted to be that love every day. It has been years since this meditation but I am the person I am today because I was guided to remember my true essence is pure love. 

This awareness allows me to move through my days with an open heart, living my Authentic Life Journey! May this message inspire you and invite you to dive inward to open yourself to your heart daily. 

Live Authentically, 


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