Ramona Crabtree-Falkner, Holistic Wellness Facilitator

Transformation is uncomfortable! 

Yes, I said it, doing the work to transform your life is riddled with discomfort. However, it is, without a doubt, the best kind of discomfort. I have worked for 20 years one-on-one with clients and have seen and held space with people from all walks of life transforming. 

Through my own journey of transformation, I have experienced some deeply difficult and uncomfortable experiences, and I wouldn’t change a single one for anything. The experiences that challenged me the most ultimately became my greatest teachers and opportunities for growth and expansion. Looking back upon these experiences, I see that my life would have had a completely different outcome without them. 

This makes me think of those movies where someone gets a chance to go back in time and do something over based on “what if?” Then, they discover at the end of the life they created, based on that “what if,” that it turns out to be not what they wanted!  

This is exactly why it is essential to become the witness to your thoughts about your experiences and evaluate them from a higher perspective because would it be any better if your “what ifs” were true? 

Instead of wishing something away, “what if” you could transform your thoughts about life and begin to lean into what you have gained instead of what you don’t have? This is a practice, of course, but a truly valuable one – if you open your heart and mind to the opportunity to shift

When I began to see my life as a tapestry instead of individual moments that did not affect one another, I found more grace for myself and everything I experienced. 

A tapestry is defined as a multilayered and complex weaving, and I believe it’s a perfect representation of the nature of one’s life.  I see my life as multilayered and intricate, and it is through these layers and intricacies that I have discovered my unique magic. 

Whether it’s a perceived failure, a loss, or even a great success, I ask myself, “what is this experience here to teach me, and how can I step into the next best expression of myself?” I truly believe that each experience in this tapestry of growth and healing brings about a profound transformation in my life.

I have loved every part of this beautiful journey, even the times when I wanted to run screaming, but I didn’t. Instead, I rose from the muck and mud and emerged with the beautiful heart of the lotus – brilliant and luminous for all to see.

Sometimes finding myself back in the mud can feel daunting, but I’ve learned – and my tapestry has taught me – that as I rise toward the light, a new level of transformation is there to meet me. 

My invitation for you today is to lean into what your relationship with growth and transformation is and ask yourself, “How can I love and honor myself more?” Gaze upon your tapestry and observe how it has all weaved together to bring you to today and how you can take all you have learned and experienced and rise! 

With Infinite Love and Gratitude,


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