Ramona Crabtree-Falkner, Holistic Wellness Facilitator

Every year for the past 15 years, I have offered a New Year Intention Setting Session in January, and these sessions have been so very magical.

We hear about this on the radio and television shows every year and are asked to ponder the question, “What are your New Year’s Resolutions?” However, instead of creating “resolutions,” I had always seen these sessions as a time to share with our community a different way of looking at “resolutions.”

When I came into more clarity of the practice of living with intention, I could see a new way to start my year: instead of setting goals, set intentions. This led me to experience so much more openness and opportunity to ultimately feel successful instead of disappointed if I couldn’t accomplish my “resolutions.”

Even with this shift in perspective, I know I am always able to learn and grow more, and once again, I am finding more clarity with this practice. This year’s session occurred yesterday, and we had a very different experience than in the years past because Spirit was sharing with me a whole new way to look at this “intention-setting” idea.  

In years past, I  would have held the session on the first day of the year –  or very close to that day; however, in late December, it was decided I needed surgery for an ongoing issue affecting my health and overall well-being. Recognizing that I needed some time to recover from the procedure and would not be physically able to hold the session on that date,  I decided to pause everything to allow myself to take the time and space and use it for my own healing, reflection and dreaming. 

When I committed to the surgery, I did not know what this pause would bring to me, but I can now share with you that I gained clarity

My surgery was two days before the Winter Solstice, so I was still in the season of Fall, which represents the place of letting go – and let me tell you, I was letting go with this journey I was on – a letting go of a huge part of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I could see that it was all for my greater good. What I couldn’t see was how Winter, the place of rest, would share her magic with me – and did it ever teach me!  I learned so much over this time through my intuition and gained clarity on how to share this year’s Intention Setting Session.

The messages I gained from Spirit and Winter were that we are in the dream state – our time to rest deeply and allow our imagination to play and explore the many different ideas and inspirations that are stirring within us.

It is a time to allow for rest and pause to settle into the divine feminine yin energies that are subtler and require more stillness to hear.

We need this time of quiet and pause to access this dream state and to really hear and connect to the dreams that are singing from our hearts. 

This is the time to listen, and it is a beautiful representation of the importance of this practice even beyond Winter. When one is in the flow with the divine and listening to the subtler messages, then we are truly co-creating with spirit. We can hear more clearly the messages of our soul’s call to action and be open to aligning our actions with our dreams and visions for creation.     

This year’s Intention Setting Session offered an opportunity to open our vision of setting intentions to an even higher level of awareness because we were honoring the time and place of Winter, the place where we can dream. We dream of the life we want to create and not just from our ego mind’s ideas; it’s coming from the heart – the seat to our soul. That message that was planted deep within us by the Divine and is now being activated – the time is now!

We discussed this idea in our session yesterday and opened ourselves to connect to our heart song and listen while at rest and to: 

Let our inner vision take us on an adventure and to show us the vision of what is asking to be created through us. 

Be the vessel for the divine to speak through us and bring more loving and radiant light to the world we live in. 

Be the light of the Divine – the gift we all have, and with a little pause and getting quiet, we can sing the song of our hearts into this life we co-create with the source creator. 

With this message, I invite you to take this time and honor the place of Winter, to take rest and allow for the subtler yin energies to be experienced, to dream and be open to your own heart song, for your light is needed. 

If we all step closer to our divine light within, we can bring forth more love, light, and peace. 

With Infinite Love and Gratitude,


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